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Welcome to our Farms

Here at Spice Chasm we grow many types of spices, herbs, fruit and ornamentals. We strive to grow as much as possible of what we sell. Here is a mini tour of our farms, located in southern Taiwan.

Currently, we are growing crops throughout Pingdong as well as Taidong. Most of our spices and herbs are grown on our organic styled polyculture farms in Taitung county where the tropical sun and drier air allows us to grow slightly different varieties than that of our more humid and wet Pingtung farm.

Taidong Farm #1 To the right is our first farm in Taidong county, Luye. This farm is a few acres in size and has been chemical free since at least 2013. This farm is situated on a lovely plateau overlooking the valley and surrounded by mountains. The neighboring farms include a large mahogany plantation, an incense cedar plantation and a tea plantation. We have been maintaining and improving the soil on this farm since 2016 and are happy to have essentially finished building the soil structure to the point of it being fairly self-sustainin. We currently mostly grow the following here: Galangal types, turmeric, roselle, chili peppers, cilantro/coriander, chamomile and various other herbs and spices.

Taidong Farm #2 We are thrilled to have this new, couple acre, farm situated near our first farm above, though in the lowlands. This farm is almost entirely spices and herbs with some fruit. Here we grow a lot of things that tend to like it hotter and can tolerate higher winds. This farm is currently planted with trees as the primary crop with many bushes and annuals between to make it a full functioning polyculture farm with no sprays or chemicals. This farm currently grows such crops as: Mountain pepper, Sichuan pepper, noni, curry leaf, miracle fruit, pulusan, rambutan, new turmeric and ginger collections, chili peppers, basil types, mint types, lemon grass and many more herbs!

Pingdong Farm #1 Located in the tropics of southern Taiwan, this ultra-hot, ultra-humid region receives intense rainfall an maintains a very high humidity. This farm is very large, total area nearing 40 acres when finished. Here we create our own organic fertilizer using wood, charcoal, invertebrates and manure as the key ingredients and processes. This farm is primarily intended for more heat-loving tropical plants and species that require large planting areas. Here we cultivate, amongst many other things: Passion fruit, papaya, lemon grass, vanilla, pepper corns, yams, various ginger species, moringa, cinnamon, roselle, guava and many more!

Eye spy with my little eyes...

Take a look at the picture on the right. This mass of green vegetation is a good example of how we grow things in a polyculture system.

Now take a look at the picture on the right where we have pointed out what is growing and where.

We sure hope you enjoyed taking a look at our farms and style. Happy cooking!

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