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Spice Chasm's Grains & Seeds

Like for mice? We like them as well....

On This Page: Here we list our products which are sourced from seeds.

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English Name: Cacao

Botanical Name: Theobroma cacao

中文名稱: 可可

Cacao is the raw powder of the seed of a tropical tree that makes chocolate. The roasted seed itself is quite nutritious and considered a valuable super food. Can be made into any sort of food or drink.

Theobroma cacao - Cacao

English Name: Corn

Botanical Name: Zea mays

中文名稱: 玉米

Corn has many uses in food and industry. We offer mostly traditional varieties such as for corn meal or popcorn. Many Heirloom varieties.

Zea mays - Corn

English Name: Cumin

Botanical Name: Cuminum cyminum


Cumin seed is used a lot in Indian and other Asian styles of cooking. One of our personal favourite spices for almost everything, its added to most any dish.

Cuminum cyminum - Cumin

English Name: Heart Seed, Balloon Vine

Botanical Name: Cardiospermum halicacabum

中文名稱: 倒地鈴

Heart seed is one of the few products we carry that is not related to culinary use. In fact, there is no edible quality to this plant, but the seeds are quite the trick. Each small black seed has a perfect little white heart seemingly painted on. These are completely natural and the plant makes this happen with each seed it produces, very unique!

Cardiospermum halicacabum - Heart Seed

English Name: Pepper, Black

Botanical Name: Piper nigrum

中文名稱: 黑胡椒

Black pepper, the spicy seeds of this tropical vine have gone round the world with a mission. Now its available everywhere! Great spice for food, adding some spice to the dish. All of our black pepper is grown in Taiwan.

Piper nigrum - Black Pepper

English Name: Pigeon Pea

Botanical Name: Cajanus cajan

中文名稱: 樹豆

Pigeon pea gets its name in Chinese, Tree bean, due to its large shrub like perennial growth. The beans are great for soups and cooking in rice dishes.

Cajanus cajan - Pigeon Pea

English Name: Quinoa

Botanical Name: Chenopodium quinoa

中文名稱: 紅藜

Quinoa became famous in the west as an ancient grain coming from South America. Many people don’t know that there are a few races of Quinoa, some said to be native in other areas. We carry 2 "types" of quinoa, Peruvian and Formosan (Taiwan). We grow our Peruvian stock on our farm in Canada and the Formosan type we grow on our farm in Taiwan.

Chenopodium quinoa

Last Updated: July 30, 2017