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SPICE CHASM :: Colorant & Dye : Sappan Wood

Caesalpinia sp.

Sappan Wood - 紅蝴蝶

Sappan Wood Information

Description: Sappan wood is used for textile dyeing and is not used for food use. The inner wood of the species is a gorgeous orange color and can be used as is for decoration or can be boiled in water to extract the orange color for use as a fabric dye.

Grams per Fruit: (Average)

Harvest Season:

Cultivation Method: Sustainable

Harvest time to Packaged: + Days

Harvesting Method: By hand

Processing Method: Machine Dried

Shipping Method: Dried: Any.

Product Origin:

Caesalpinia sp. - Sappan Wood - 紅蝴蝶 for Sale

Name - 產品名稱

Type - 產品類型

Quantity - 數量

Price - 價格

Purchase Link

Sappan Wood - 紅蝴蝶

Cut Inner Wood Pieces


Caesalpinia sp. - Sappan Wood - 紅蝴蝶

150 Grams

$185nt per 150 grams

(Approx. $6.17 USD)

1,000 Grams

$900nt per kg

(Approx. $30.00 USD)

Powdered Inner Wood Pieces


Caesalpinia sp. - Sappan Wood - 紅蝴蝶

150 Grams

$210nt per 150 grams

(Approx. $7.00 USD)

1,000 Grams

$1,070nt per kg

(Approx. $35.67 USD)

All prices are in New Taiwan Dollars. By ordering, you are automatically agreeing to our terms of sale. For more information on ordering please click here.

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Last Updated: July 14, 2018