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SPICE CHASM :: Vegetable : Luffa

Luffa sp.

Luffa Sponge - 絲瓜

Luffa Sponge Information

Description: Luffa is a cucumber, or squash, relative. Being a tropical climbing vine it grows up its support and has anywhere from 200-2kg fruits, which when naturally dried leave nothing but the skin, seeds and fibers inside. When the skin is peeled away and seeds extracted we are left with one of nature’s most perfect sponges, useful in cleaning pretty much anything, including ones body.

Grams per Fruit: Varies

Harvest Season: Year Round

Cultivation Method: Sustainable

Harvest time to Packaged: 10+ Days

Harvesting Method: By hand

Processing Method: Sun Dried

Shipping Method: Dried: Any.

Luffa sp. - Luffa Sponge - 絲瓜

Luffa sp. - Luffa Sponge - 絲瓜 for Sale

Name - 產品名稱

Type - 產品類型

Quantity - 數量

Price - 價格

Purchase Link

Luffa sp. - 絲瓜

Dried Sponge 15cm +/-



$50nt Each

(Approx. $1.66 USD)

All prices are in New Taiwan Dollars. By ordering, you are automatically agreeing to our terms of sale. For more information on ordering please click here.

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Last Updated: January 14, 2018