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Spice Chasm's Core Principles on Packaging Materials

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Spice Chasm Packaging Materials

Spice chasm uses 2 main types of packaging materials for dried products.

Glass Jars: Our main packaging type is in glass jars with either steel or aluminum lids. We chose this packaging type in order to promote easily recyclable waste products. Unlike plastic, glass is incredibly easy to recycle or reuse. metal lids are also very easily and actively recycled.

Plastic Bags: For larger quantities of products such as by the kg, as well as fresh produce, we use plastic bags. Be sure to rinse and recycle bags after use.

Newsprint: For a very few select products, such as aloe vera, we will use newsprint to protect the products in transit. Newsprint is used in place of bags with products that can rot easy in high humidity.

What to do with empty jars

Reuse - Glass jars can be reused with many different products. You can wash the jars after use and use them for other spices, sauces, jams and many other foods. Using old glass jars are also very well suited for storing various things such as change, seeds, crafts, supplies and so much more!

Recycle - Glass jars can be rinsed and recycled anywhere. glass melts down and is an efficient material that is easily recycled. Ideally, take off the label and recycle the lids and jars separately.

Why Spice Chasm Uses Glass as the Main Packaging Material

We try our best to reduce single use materials and hard to separate and recycle plastic materials. We decided on glass because of its ease of recycling and the relatively low impact on the environment when thrown away. Plastics tend to be thrown away, even when consumers put them into the recycle bin. The logistics of cleaning and separating the different plastics often leads to their dirty disposal and thus we try our best to avoid plastic packaging.

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