Spice Chasm's FAQ

1. Q: Where can I purchase Spice Chasm products?

There are many stores that supply our products in Taiwan, and we are expanding abroad as well. Please see our Stockists Page for a all the places that carry our products.

Because each store caters to their own unique market, no one store will carry every product we produce. Don't hesitate to Contact Us for direct orders and enquiries if you do not see the item(s) you are after in the stores.

2. Q: How long does shipping take?

Within mainland Taiwan, usually parcels arrive the next business day from when we ship. Holidays might have delays depending on the shipping company used. Island destinations are usually 2-3 business days. Please note these are based on when shipped, items that are out of stock or currently being harvested and processed will ship when ready. If items are out of stock or otherwise unavailable, we will contact you and refund the payment if done online.

International orders require order confirmation prior to shipping. Please Contact Us about availability.

3. Q: What shipping options are available?

Taiwan orders are normally sent through the post office. We can also ship through currier (HCT, Black Cat, Kerry, SF etc), 711 & Family Mart. Refrigerated and frozen deliveries are through Black cat next day service.

International orders are normally shipped via postal services: Air Mail, Surface, Air lifted Surface. We can also ship via DHL, FedEx & EMS. For larger orders we can ship wholesale orders via air freight or ocean freight.

4. Q: Do you have a store we can visit?

Unfortunately we do not have a store. We are farmers producing crops and processing them. To see products in person please see the stores we cooperate with. At this time we have no plans to have a physical retail space due to time constraints in producing the crops.

5. Q: Can we stock Spice Chasm products at our business?

Absolutely! We love to collaborate with new businesses that are aimed at quality products. Whether in Taiwan, or abroad, we are happy to work with new companies. Please see our Stockists Page or Contact us for more information.

6. Q: Why are some products out of stock?

Many species of plants are seasonal and are only available to harvest for a short period of time each year. Other times we have contracts with other companies to supply them. Sometimes we are just unlucky with extreme weather which can have huge ill effect on our crops, such as typhoons, heavy rains, strong winds, drought, heat waves and burning winds. These are the normal weather extremes we deal with here in Eastern Taiwan. We appreciate your patience as we work through getting more made, but we are farmers making handmade products, delays are to be expected sometimes.

7. Q: Are your farms open to Eco Tourism style visits?

Due to quarantine reasons to limit diseases entering our farms, we do not open them to the public. In the future we may open a small farm for display, but time limitations do not allow for us to currently open this project.

7. Q: Are larger wholesale orders possible?

We certainly do! The bulk of our operation is wholesale cultivation for other companies. We also do contract farming starting at 1/4 acres and up. If you have larger needs please don't hesitate to Contact us for more information.