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SPICE CHASM :: Spice Blends : Pickling Spice Mix / 醃漬混合香料

Dill Pickling Spice Blend

Dill Pickling Spice Blend ~ g ~ Glass Jar ~ $nt

Please inquire for availability.


Spice Chasm's pickling spice blend follows a classic Dill Pickle flavor with a much deeper flavor profile due to the addition of numerous herbs & spices. Our "Dill Pickling" mix is well suited for cucumbers (pickles), carrots, onions (shallots etc), chili peppers, sweet peppers and many other firmer vegetables.


1 jar makes 1 liter of pickling brine

- Mix 1 liter of brine. We prefer a salt brine, though vinegar brine works well. Please research the benefits and safety precautions involved with both. Boiling the water first will help with sanitation.

- Heat the brine and mix in 1 jar of Spice Chasm's Dill Pickling Spice Blend. Do not add the herbs, spices of vegetables into boiling water. Approximately 60-70C is OK.

- Allow the herbs and spices to soak for a few minutes to fully saturate them.

- Wash and cut your vegetables to size for your jar. Organic vegetables are preferred so as not to kill the bacteria fermenting them.

- Add onion and/or peeled garlic cloves as per your taste. We add 1 onion sliced and 1 garlic bulb per liter.

- Add the vegetables into the brine jar and evenly distribute the herbs and spices.

- Leave some space from the top of the jar and use a bag filled with water and tied. This will push down the vegetables below the water line. It is incredibly important all the herbs, spices and vegetables remain under the brine, not exposed to air, to avoid mold and contamination.

- Leave the jar, loosely opened to allow gas exchange, in a dark area around 20 degrees for 1 week. Shorter or longer as per your preference. When fermentation has reached a good flavor, tighten the lid and store in the fridge until eaten. Shelf life will vary drastically depending on your method, vegetable types etc. Normally they should last well in the fridge for 2-6 weeks.

** A note on cucumbers: cut the flower end off, or both ends if you are unsure which end had the flower. There is an enzyme that makes the cucumbers go soft during fermentation.


Dill Foliage & Flowers, Coriander, Black Peppercorns, Fennel Seed, Cloves, Mustard Seed, Bay Leaf


Pickled vegetables


Aroamtic and herby.


As per Dill availability.


Blended and packaged in Taidong, Taiwan.


Taiwan, Taidong.


1 Year


Dried material: Postal services: Registered Air Mail (Worldwide Shipping). Please see our Ordering Information Page.

Other Shipping Options: Surface Mail, EMS, Courier (DHL & FedEx), Air Freight (wholesale).


Package Options

Net Weight

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Glass Jar (Small)

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125g ±


7.6H x 5.3L x 5.3W (cm)

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