About Spice Chasm

Welcome to Spice Chasms' website. It's great to have you here! Perhaps you're wondering, what exactly it is we do here....Well, the answer is simple. We aim to provide high quality agriculture products while limiting our impact on the environment. On our farms we strive to keep an organic, sustainable approach to our farming practices and we work hard on developing biological pest controls, organic fertilizers and polyculture systems in order to greatly reduce our footprint on the environment.

We have been farming and breeding plants in Taiwan since 2006, and previously were strongly involved in animal husbandry and eco-friendly related biology studies since 2000. Our varied experience of floral, faunal and mycofloral relationships have evolved into a very successful trend of turning heavily degraded land into fertile, productive land. All without spraying and using chemical based products.

Since 2008, we have been quite active in travelling to other countries, especially throughout Asia, to learn about and study their local foods and farming techniques. Over the years we have been collecting, trading and importing amazing new varieties to grow our here on our farms and allow all our flavor-loving friends to enjoy tastes from exotic places. Along with all our own produce we grow ourselves, we also travel and meet farmers throughout Taiwan, and abroad, searching out the best flavors and aromas to bring back and process for our customers.

We welcome you to tag along and see what we are up to and enjoy our efforts of bringing to you some of the most aromatic, tasty and fresh herbs and spices available in Formosa!

Eye spy with my little eyes...

Take a look at the picture on the left. This mass of green vegetation is a good example of how we grow things in a polyculture system.

Now take a look at the picture on the right where we have pointed out what is growing and where.

Check Out our Current Farms

Spice Chasm Farm #1 - Pingtung - No longer in use.

Spice Chasm Farm #2 - Pingtung - No longer in use.

Spice Chasm Farm #3 - Taitung - No longer in use.

Spice Chasm Farm # 4 - Taitung

Spice Chasm Farm # 5 - Taitung

Spice Chasm Farm # 6 - Taitung