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Where to Buy Spice Chasm Products

We are growing more and more, and expanding into stores around Taiwan. If you would like to buy our spices in person, please check out these shops. Some places do group orders, so feel free to ask them if they carry, or can order, the product you are searching for if you cannot find it on their shelf.

As always, you can order directly through our website all of our products. Most items have an online shopping cart (EC Pay, Chinese only sorry where you can purchase by the click of the button. For some products such as highly seasonal and fresh products, please contact us for orders. You can contact us through our Contact Us page.

Happy cooking!

If you would like to carry our products in your store, please Contact Us to discuss details.

Taiwan Locations

Taidong County

ABC Deli (Restaurant)

TEL: 0903142449

Address: 台東市文化里正氣路298巷10號

Bu Er Bakery (Bakery) - 不二

TEL: 089333886


Dong Tung Shen Ji & Taidong Han DanYe Bin BenPu (Shop) - 東糖生技 & 台東邯鄲爺餅本舖


Hao Gen Jie (Restaurant) - 好港覺

TEL: 0970034665


Xiang Xiang Taidong (Shop) - 饗嚮台東

TEL: 0937389953

Fu Sushi (Restaurant) - 福壽司

TEL: 089551293


Bee Box (Shop) - 蜜蜂盒子


Ruihe Train Station - 瑞和車站 - 時光驛站

TEL: 0985301245


Guan Shan Rice Museum (Agriculture Museum & Shop) - 關山農會米國學校

TEL: 089814903


Our Way (Cafe) - 奧維小鎮

TEL: 0918539556


Wu Lou Pie Pie (Restaurant) - 巫露派派

TEL: 0909204646


Taichung City

Homework (Store & Restaurant) - 家務室

TEL: 0424070792


He Fong Tien Chi (Restaurant) - 禾豐田食

TEL: 0936951685


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