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Spice Chasm Terms or Ordering

Be aware that by ordering from us you are automatically agreeing to these terms of service.

Please note that we supply raw plant materials that are grown sustainably and organically. For legal liability reasons we cannot discuss intent of use or effects of said plants. So we must remain strict in our stance that we are not able to instruct how to use or consume anything on this site. We sell raw botanical products that we or our friends and family grow. It is up to the customer to be responsible with what they consume. So for legal reasons, we are selling only raw materials with the idea the customer already knows about the species and any possible use. Self responsibility is as important to us as sustainability and organic methods. Enjoy safely!

Refunds and Replacements

Only orders shipped with a tracking number can be refunded or replaced. Orders shipped regular air mail cannot be replaced or refunded in case of non-delivery.

All sales are considered final after payment, as such if the customer changes their mind after shipping we cannot refund or exchange items. Please be sure before ordering that the item(s) ordered are wanted, we do not entertainment impulse buying regrets.

We will replace items that are broken, spoiled or flat out wrong. If we ship the wrong item we will resend the correct item as soon as photographic proof is given. We need photographic proof of the product with its packaging as well as the box and the shipping slip in order to replace orders.

Undelivered packages can only be replaced if the shipping was with a tracking number and insured. It is the responsibility of the customer to request insurance as we do not automatically ship insured. The post office is then responsible for covering the cost of the insured amount. We will work with you to resolve any issues with the postal system, but ultimately it is the responsibility of the delivery system network and we have no control over their operations (same goes for any mail style operation, the business owner cannot control the delivery network).

We do not hold any responsibility for the regulations of the importing destination area. If the product(s) are somehow controlled in the importing area it is the responsibility of the customer to understand and act accordingly to the rules set out the by the area. We are willing to obtain certain paperwork if required, such as phytosanitary certificates, but we must be informed of the laws regarding the items to the area of importation. Packages stopped by customs and not allowed delivery cannot be refunded or replaced unless returned undamaged and unopened.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. We re here to help and will try our very best to make your order as carefree and pleasurable as possible. But we must make note of the common sense stuff that is involved with import and export of products internationally. This applies to any company in any country. Best to be sure prior to ordering :)

Last Updated: September 25, 2017