Spice Chasm's Black Sugar Ginger Tea Recipe

How to use Spice Chasm's Black Sugar Ginger Tea

- Bring water to a boil.

- Place 22g (2 tablespoons) into a mug or cup.

- Pour 250ml hot water into the mug or cup.

- Stir and enjoy!

For s stronger, spicier drink, add more Spice Chasm's Black Sugar Ginger Tea.

Mix Black Sugar Ginger in Drinks

- Cold or hot black sugar ginger tea

- Add to malt drinks for some spiciness

- Great in cocoa for some sweet and heat

- Experiment with cocktails

Black Sugar Ginger Baked Dishes

- Spinkle on cakes, cookies and pies

- Mix into cinnamon roll spice blends

- Ginger bread addition

- Add as a spicier black sugar substitute

Cook with Black Sugar Ginger

- Add to BBQ sauces on red meats for a nice glaze

- Works well for ginger duck & related flavors

Use with Desserts

- Sprinkle on ice creams and yogurts

- Mix into sweet creams and frostings

Storage: Keep cool & dry

Availability: Year-round

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