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Welcome to Spice Chasm ~ New & Old World Spices! We are a herb and spice company located on the Eastern side of Taiwan, tucked away in the east rift valley. We specialize in rare and exotic spices from around the world.

Our primary focus is on providing natural, high quality spices with amazing aromas and flavors not often seen from the supermarket. With years of experience in growing, testing and production, we are able to serve the needs of cooks and chefs alike, creating new and wonderful flavors for everyone to enjoy.

What's New?

ROSELLE season is upon! Harvests are starting in mid-October, be sure to get in while supplies last! Our HOT new varieties sell like hotcakes.

See our Roselle page to learn more!

DYES We are beefing up our line of natural dyes. Want a splash of color without the risks to the environment and your body?  Check out some of these cool new colors.

See our Dyes & Colorant page to learn more!

ESSENTIAL OILS We have made the commitment! Finally our farms have added the next tier of Spice Chasm’s evolution: Essential Oils. We are planting out many new, amazing fragrant species and they should start rolling out in 2020!

See our Aromatic plant page to learn more!

Top Sellers

1. Cinnamon Powder

2. Ginger Powder

3. Chili Peppers

4. Roselle

5. Turmeric Powder