Spice Chasm

New & Old World Spices

Welcome to Spice Chasm ~ New & Old World Spices! We are a herb and spice company located on the Eastern side of Taiwan, tucked away in the east rift valley. We specialize in rare and exotic spices from around the world.

Our primary focus is on providing natural, high quality spices with amazing aromas and flavors not often seen from the supermarket. With years of experience in growing, testing and production, we are able to serve the needs of cooks and chefs alike, creating new and wonderful flavors for everyone to enjoy.

Top Sellers

1. Mountain Pepper (Magau)

2. Saigon Cinnamon Powder

3. Black Peppercorns

4. Chai Latte Spice Blend

5. Indian Curry Powder

What's New at Spice Chasm?

Spice Chasm's Gift Sets

We are now offering gift sets with our spices and herbs; ideal for weddings, company events, family and friends. If you have a special event and need customs gift sets made, drop us a line and we can cooperate with your needs to make the best spice lineup for your situation.

See Spice Chasm's Gift Sets page to learn more!

Spice Chasm's Newest Spices & Herbs

Check out our newest lineups of spices, herbs and blends to make your kitchen explode with amazing flavors and intense aromas. If you're wondering what Spice Chasm is creating and introducing to the food scene, here we are!

See Spice Chasm's New spice and herb page to learn more!

Spice Chasm's Upcoming Events

Want to come visit us and chat plants, food and anything in between? Come check us out at any of our events and see what’s going on here at Spice Chasm.

See Spice Chasm's Upcoming Events page to learn more!