Peppercorns - Piper nigrum

Peppercorns - Piper nigrum

Peppercorns - Piper nigrum

Peppercorns - Piper nigrum

Peppercorns - Piper nigrum

Peppercorns - Piper nigrum

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Piper nigrum

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Peppercorns are pretty much the supreme spice of all spices. Used globally, and traded for centuries, this spice has massive history and cultural importance. Although more or less the same shape, pink peppercorns are not related to regular peppercorns, nor is mountain pepper. Here we have Piper, nigrum, which come in green, black and white. Green peppercorns are immature seeds from the plant, they do not store as well or as long as their black and white counterparts. Black peppercorns are the matured and dried fruit of the plant. White peppercorns are essentially black peppercorns with the outer black fruit removed revealing their white inner seed. White peppercorns tend to be spicier than black, and our pepper is without question some strong stuff! We have travelled, explored and even grown our own peppercorns, and we have finally found the source that just screams amazing. The farmers in Sarawak have some of the best pepper we have ever tasted.

Botanical Name: Piper nigrum

Origin: Sarawak, Malaysia

Ingredients: Peppercorns

Est. Shelf Life: 2 Years (Powder) / 3 Years (Whole)

Production: Field grown, hand picked. Machine dried.

Availability: Year-round

Natural Ingredients | No Additives | No Fillers

Plant Based | Non-GMO | Vegan Friendly

How to Use Peppercorns

Sprinkle On: Meats, vegetables, beverages, sauces

Mix In: Soups, sauces

Cook With: Nearly everything

Regional Cuisines: Wordlwide

Dry - Keep herbs & spices in a dry location

Cool - Avoid storing herbs & spices in high temps

Dark - Avoid exposure to the sun and strong UV

Sealed - Keep herbs & spices sealed

Packaging Type Net Weight Gross Weight Package Volume Dimensions
Glass Shaker Jar - White Powder 70 grams ± 195 grams ± 130 ml 10.6 x 4 x 4cm
Glass Shaker Jar - Black Powder 60 grams ± 185 grams ± 130 ml 10.6 x 4 x 4cm
Small Glass Jar - White Whole 70 grams ± 195 grams ± 130 ml 7.6 x 5.3 x 5.3cm
Small Glass Jar - Black Whole 60 grams ± 185 grams ± 130 ml 7.6 x 5.3 x 5.3cm
1kg Bag 1,000 grams ± 1,050 grams ±
5kg Bag 5,000 grams ± 5,050 grams ±