Chai Latte Spice Blend

Chai Latte Spice Blend

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Chai Latte Spice Blend

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Chai tea is a lovely, warming spiced tea from the India region. There are countless recipes from one person to another. We have intentionally left out nutmeg and green cardamon, as we find many folks in Taiwan don't always enjoy the taste. If you enjoy the taste of these spices, simply add 1-2 green cardamon pods and/or 1/8 nutmeg seed into the cooking process.

Chai tea is a wonderfully soothing drink for cold weather, well suited for the winter time. Serving it cold is delicious as well, allow a few extra minutes to let the flavors to infuse into the drink. During the hot summertime months, we are often drinking this spiced milk tea served cold with ice. Perfect for all seasons.

Product Name: Chai Latte Spice Blend

Origin: Taidong, Taiwan

Ingredients: Ginger, Saigon Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Star Anise, Cloves, Fennel Seed, Coriander

Est. Shelf Life: 1 Year

Production: Hand made in Taidong, Taiwan.

Availability: Year-round

Natural Ingredients | No Additives | No Fillers

Plant Based | Non-GMO | Vegan Friendly

Chai Latte Recipe

- Make 125ml of strong Assam tea (Black tea can work as well, darker is better). Set aside when finished.

- Place 125ml fatty milk into pot and bring to low simmer.

- Add 1 gram of Chai Latte Spice Blend (1 teaspoon), or to taste, to the milk.

- Simmer for 1-2 minutes.

- Add the previously prepared Assam tea to the milk and simmer together for 1 minute.

- Add sugar to taste (we use 1 teaspoon per cup).

- Enjoy!

How to Use Chai Latte Spice Blend

Sprinkle On: Ice cream, desserts, beverages

Mix In: Teas, lattes, milks, yogurt, pudding etc

Cook With: Baking and sweets

Regional Cuisines: Indian

Dry - Keep herbs & spices in a dry location

Cool - Avoid storing herbs & spices in high temps

Dark - Avoid exposure to the sun and strong UV

Sealed - Keep herbs & spices sealed

Packaging Type Net Weight Gross Weight Package Volume Dimensions
Small Glass Jar 40 grams ± 165 grams ± 130 ml 7.6 x 5.3 x 5.3cm
1kg Bag 1,000 grams ± 1,050 grams ±
5kg Bag 5,000 grams ± 5,050 grams ±