Oregano - Origanum vulgare

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Origanum vulgare

Currently we do not sell oregano products individually. This page serves as information for our Spice Blends ingredients.

Botanical Name: Origanum vulgare

Origin: Taiwan, India, Turkey

Ingredients: Oregano

Est. Shelf Life: 2 Years

Production: Field gown, machine dried.

Availability: Year-round

Natural Ingredients | No Additives | No Fillers

Plant Based | Non-GMO | Vegan Friendly

How to Use Oregano

Sprinkle On: Pasta, meats

Mix In: Sauces, marinades

Cook With: Chili/Gumbo, meats, BBQ

Regional Cuisines: European & Asian

Dry - Keep herbs & spices in a dry location

Cool - Avoid storing herbs & spices in high temps

Dark - Avoid exposure to the sun and strong UV

Sealed - Keep herbs & spices sealed

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