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Musa sp.

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Fresh Banana Leaf 10 Peices Green Banana Powder Green Banana Powder 1 KG

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Green banana powder is used in cooking and baking as a gluten-free starch alternative. Suitable for baking, making buns, noodles etc.

Fresh banana leaves are used as wrapping material for various dishes. They can also serve as eco friendly disposable dishes.

Botanical Name: Musa sp.

Origin: Taidong, Taiwan

Ingredients: Green Banana

Est. Shelf Life: Fresh Leaf: 1-2 Weeks. Powder: 2 Years

Production: Grown on a polyculture farm without spray. Hand harvested and machine dried.

Availability: Year-round

Natural Ingredients | No Additives | No Fillers

Plant Based | Non-GMO | Vegan Friendly

How to Use Green Banana Powder

Sprinkle On: N/A

Mix In: Baking

Cook With: Baking

Regional Cuisines:

Dry - Keep herbs & spices in a dry location

Cool - Avoid storing herbs & spices in high temps

Dark - Avoid exposure to the sun and strong UV

Sealed - Keep herbs & spices sealed

Packaging Type Net Weight Gross Weight Package Volume Dimensions
Big Glass Jar grams ± 215 grams ± 300 ml 9.3 x 7 x 7cm
1kg Bag 1,000 grams ± 1,050 grams ±
5kg Bag 5,000 grams ± 5,050 grams ±