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SPICE CHASM :: Spices, Herbs, Fragrance : Greater Galangal

Alpinia galanga

Greater Galangal, 南薑

Galangal Information

Description:Galangal is a common herb/spice/vegetable grown in much of warm Asia to flavor cooking. Very common in Thai style cooking. The plant itself is ginger like in growth, though much taller and bushier. Plants can be harvested as soon as 1 year after planting.

All Galngal products are sourced from a single farm in Southern Taiwan growing things organically and sustainably. Galangal plants are part of an experiemntal sustainability project in which new farm systems are aimed at reducing water in irrigation, and toally cutting out concentrated fertilizers and sprays.

Our galangal stock originated from Thailand and Malaysia and Borneo. After being cultivated in larger quantity on the farm, they are trimmed in the field (leaves and dirt etc removed) and brought to the packing facility where they are washed, cut, dried, powdered and bagged. As with all our dried products, dried galangal is dried in commercial food driers out of the sun at contrlled temperatures to reduce the deterioration of the material.

Grams per Tablespoon: (Average)

Harvest Season: Almost Year Round

Cultivation Method: Sustianable, organic polyculture

Harvest time to Packaged: 6+ Days

Harvesting Method: Hand Dug

Processing Method: Hand cut, Machine Dried - *Not sun dried*

Shipping Method: Dried: Any. Fresh: Taiwan Only.

Product Origin: Taiwan

Alpinia galanga - Galangal - 南薑 for Sale

Name - 產品名稱

Type - 產品類型

Quantity - 數量

Price - 價格

Purchase Link

Thai Pink Galangal - 南薑

Fresh Rhizome


Alpinia galanga - Galangal - 南薑

1,000 Grams (1kg)

$480 nt per kg

(Approx. $16.00 USD)

Powdered Rhizome


Alpinia galanga - Galangal - 南薑

40 Grams

$180 nt per 40 grams

(Approx. $6.00 USD)

100 Grams

$360 nt per 100 grams

(Approx. $12.00 USD)

1,000 Grams (1kg)

$2,800 nt per kg

(Approx. $93.33 USD)

All prices are in New Taiwan Dollars. By ordering, you are automatically agreeing to our terms of sale. For more information on ordering please click here.

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Last Updated: September 13, 2017